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Session & Protocol

To apply, fill this form:

Any application must be done at least 24h in advance.

Every human is allowed to apply, no discrimination here. Feel safe to share your deepest fantasies. Beginners and experienced will both be treated with professionalism and, most of all, with great discretion.

When I receive an application I take the time to evaluate your seriousness and the eventual chemistry that will build on between us. I professionally personalize each and every session by analyzing your form so make it as precise as possible. I will personally answer everyone all the time.

A reservation deposit will be asked of you if your application has been accepted.
After receiving that deposit, I will plan a phone interview to make sure to bring you well in the Moonlight aventure.

Any cancellation must be done at least 24h before the session or the deposit won’t be returned. If you don’t show up to our session without telling Me, you will be ignored until Mistress MoonLight receives another 150$.

Protocole :

  1. you present yourself to Me respectfully and call Me by My title : Mistress. In french you must use “Vous” at all time when referring to Me. In time you might be allowed to call Me Mommy, General, Sergeant, or any other title that I’d like always only at My command.
  2. A good hygiene is non negotiable. A shower before we start is mandatory.
  3. If you look young I will order you to show me an ID.
  4. When the session started it is too late to add any request, My scenario has already been meticulously planned. I lead and you trust Me and abandon yourself.
  5. you have to arrive well hydrated, fed and most of all under no drug or alcohol influence or you will be returned home immediatly without getting back the deposit.
  6. Bring your personnal toys to spice the session up. Of course I have a large amount of toys but I want to see what you are using alone at home.
  7. I hate late people who are waisting My precious time. Being late is on you and it will cut your session time.
  8. I run my session dressed as I want taking in to account your fetishes. you have to be ready to be naked or minimaly dressed.
  9. I allow a bit of time before and after the session to install a safe environment , in order to do so, a good honnest communication is asked from you.