About Me

Meet Mistress Moon Light

As a Dominatrix I identify Myself as a chameleon. My goal is to get you psychologically crazy. So, My technique is to get into your soul and to know exactly what will get you crazy and addicted to Moonlight. I use teasing, My sensuality, My presence, My confidence and most of all My voice to bring you to My feet. I am strict and impetuous towards mistakes. I impose a strict protocol and a severe discipline to keep control over My submissives. I always had dogs and am even trained as a zoo therapist. Dogs are My most faithful companions and, as this animal, submissives need My guidance to be devoted and faithful to Me and give me all their trust to eventually abandon their need to control things. I know you are seeking freedom under My command. In front of a masochist, I can let My sadist side express itself and I am an expert in humiliation. I’m already planning all My punishments for your failures in the trials I’ll give you. I love to impose My ultimate domination without the help of any tools since I know how to physically control another person. However, I take great pleasure using a single tail, a knife, ropes or a whip.

Like most little girls of My age, I loved to play with dolls, however, My scenarios were a lot more intense and different. My dolls were kidnapping and tying up each other to then take part in twisted plays. In 2011, I learned that those plays could be made true in a safe manner within the good setup, the good palce and most of all the good people. As a teenager, I praticed karate with an almost religious dedication which allowed me to win a lot of competitions and several qualifications as WAKO (provincial) champion, in fighting. Through that sport I learned to respect each other’s limits. Even though I rarely lost, I also had to learn humility and congratulate My opponent. When I fight, I give My all and never pretend to be the best, only the result will attest that. I stayed on that path all the way to obtaining My black belt.

I then went to face other challenges and got engage in the Canadian Forces (CF) as a military police (MP). My service lasted 14 years and I was specialized in sexual aggression investigations at university level. I honorably retired from the CF in 2019.

In time, you will discover that My presence as a Dominatrix is really different from others. I will always be there for every Women and My goals go way further than a simple personal enrichment. I want to develop strong friendships and collabs with Women to promote Women power. I also thrive to help those Women who lost their power, I know they can find it back with My help. In My opinion a matriarchal society is way more likely to succeed. Women are made to lead and if they are oppressed by patriarchy since forever it is from fear of our superior power.

I discovered BDSM in 2011, in a darker moment of My life. A woman that I trust invited Me to a BDSM play party and I discovered a charming, respectful and aware of each others well being community. I got fascinated by that universe and I quickly transformed. My self confidence as well as My physical and mental stregth considerably grew while still staying humble. I lived a lot of important D/s relationships that I still cherish to this day. I followed formations and decided to keep the best ones to make My own path.

Why I named myself Mistress MoonLight

Meet Mistress Moon Light

I have always been attracted by spirituality and did shamanic formations to develop that side of Me. I want to keep going on that way by adding a spiritual side to My sessions. When I learned about the death of an important person to Me, I saw a huge Moon butterfly.

At a spiritual level, the Moon is a symbol of death and resurrection : “The Sun sees your body. The Moon sees your soul”. The Moon is next to you during the hardest moments and represents your hidden emotions (desires, fears, worries and dreams). The Moon is your inside, your subconscious and everything you repressed.

Having followed a Wicca formation, I am interested in the triple Goddess. She is represented by the first Moon’s crescent and is shown as the little girl courageously jumping into the unknown in an optimistic manner. My military service and My karate competitions represent well that young girl.

Then, comes the full Moon, representing the mother, her compassion, her care, her fertility and her creative mind. After an amazing encounter with a brilliant man, I discovered the universe of age regression games that I particularly like. I also sadly lost two identical twins in May 2023 and that trial brought Me to invest Myself even more into professional domination and other community projects helping Women.

The last crescent is symbolized by the old Woman, wise and guardian of the old traditional ways. Even though patriarcal legends lead to think she is evil, that is wrong. Patriarchy fears her feminine power and her full potential. Just like Myself right now, She is wise, courageous and persistent. Her experience made her stronger and taught her to survive her traumas. She listens to her feminine instinct and knows her strength.

C’est donc récemment que J’ai décidé de M’afficher publiquement en connaissant les possibles répercussions négatives de le faire. Je prends aujourd’hui Ma puissance totale et Je vais Me battre pour démontrer que NOUS avons le droit d’être différentes. Tous les membres de la communauté sont invités à M’approcher et cela sans aucune discrimination. L’anonymat est Ma base spirituelle et à aucun moment Je ne voudrais trahir cette tradition qui pourrait avoir d’immense répercussion sur la vie privée d’un être humain. Je défends les plus faibles et Je piétine ceux qui sont irrespectueux, violents, immoraux… faibles à Mes yeux.

Je suis MoonLight, Déesse de la Lune, Je suis Mon passé, Mon présent et Mon futur. J’apporte la lumière dans vos vies et Je rétablis l’équilibre dans le chaos. Je recherche des guerriers de lumières, des soumis prêts à exécuter Mes ordres en toute confiance, et, Je serai votre lumière dans la noirceur. Je suis constamment en évolution et J’observe toujours les meilleures pour M’inspirer.

Donc, grâce à Ma puissance féminine, vous aurez la chance de ressentir les choses, d’apprendre à exprimer de manière créative votre vraie essence et la raison pour laquelle vous vous êtes incarné ici sur cette Terre.

Mon expérience en entrevue et interrogatoire Me permet d’offrir une approche particulière. Le jeu commence dès notre premier rendez-vous téléphonique, Je creuse très profondément dans ton âme afin d’offrir une session personnalisée jugée la meilleure pour toi selon Mon désir.

La clarté de la Lune dépend de Mon ombre,

Mistress MoonLight